Unfold Culture

Culture is a set of said and unsaid behavioural norms that direct employee's approach at work. Culture is powerful as it is required to turn strategies into tangible results. At The 7th Fold, we partner with our clients to build a culture that boosts organisation and individual performance.

Employee Value Proposition

Employee Value Proposition is the unique employment experience offered by an employer to attract, retain and develop talent. This employer promise includes those attributes of employment which are most valued by its employees.

Building EVP Statements

At the heart of all good EVPs is the authenticity of its promise. Building of EVPs requires thorough top-down discussions of expectations and a bottom-up consolidation of the reality. At The 7th Fold we diagnose, integrate and consolidate these EVPs into clear statements that then become part of the Employer Brand for existing and prospective employees.

Employer Branding & Communication

Employer Brand is considered to be strong when it elicits pride in the employees. At The 7th Fold our forte remains in creating a strong story for both internal and external stakeholders.

Creating Internal Marketing & Communications Collateral

The more we see, the more we remember. Thus our visual branding materials include posters, standees, emailers, branded memorabilia and others. These creatives help reinforce the company's ethos and culture effectively.

Building Communication Plan

Culture can be built by constant and consistent communication. This communication should be engaging, inspiring and speak to the diversity within the organisation. At the 7th Fold, we specialise in creating this communication story.

Building a Diverse & Inclusive Culture

Diversity of race, gender, generation, religion, socio-economic status and physical disability in the workplace has been at the forefront of good people practices. However many organisations stop their efforts after hiring. A truly inclusive culture is one which makes efforts in appreciating the uniqueness each of these bring to the table and build a culture to harness these.

Building Gender Diversity

At the 7th Fold, we conduct gender inclusivity pulse checks to understand the sometimes hidden voice of a particular gender. Gender sensitisation workshops are customised and conducted on the basis of this feedback. We also conduct Women Leadership programs and one-on-one coaching to improve the skewed number of women leaders in the organisation.

Inclusiveness Learning Programs

Blended learning with short online programs and classroom programs are aimed to help employees understand diversity and their role in the inclusivity agenda of the organisation

POSH Awareness workshops and Campaigns

The Sexual Harassment of women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 mandates the need to empanel an external member for its Internal Complaints Committee. Our Chief Executive can be appointed under the existing guidelines. Online and classroom programs in educating employees on the provisions of the Act and auditing of the internal POSH policy and its implementation are important elements of The 7th Fold service offerings.

Unfold Performance

Individuals are at the heart of any business performance. When individuals perform to their potential and culture is rewarding, business performance flourishes. We work closely with individuals to unleash their potential and equip them with tools that set them up for success.

Performance Coaching

We believe that coaching conversations have the power to benefit an individual's thinking, learning, actions and performance. We consider that with the right coaching, everyone has the ability to manage and overcome bottlenecks caused by the environment or sometimes their own thinking. Our Lead Coach is a Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and ACTP and has several hours of coaching experience from mid to senior level employees.

Mid-management Development

India has a young working population. This has resulted in young Gen Y workforce being at the helm of various departments and teams. While the Gen Y brings very unique set of skills, they need training that can bridge the gap of experience. At The 7th Fold, we recommend a very unique program that is a blend of practical as well as classroom learning to build this level of emerging leaders in the organisation

Attrition Management

At The 7th Fold we support the HR teams in dealing with this monster called Employee Attrition that erodes culture, performance and organisation potential. Our support includes conducting diagnostics through Focus Group Discussions and other channels, analysing existing data to understand exit trends, recommending initiatives and policy changes. We also work with data analytics teams to predict employee attrition and prevent it where possible.

Unfold Human Resource Capability

When business depends on the results of people, a strong Human Resource capability is an important asset. This is required by not only the new generation organisations wanting innovative HR practices that show an impact, but also for those conventional setups that want to reinvent themselves. We also suggest that organisation managers should be good HR ambassadors for real impact.

HR for non-HR

Organisations where Human Resource is a shared responsibility of all Managers and not just the HR department are always better places to work for. In order to sustain best HR practices, the managers need to walk the talk. We build the overall HR capability of an organisation by training non-HR Managers on HR, thus facilitating ownership of people practices across all levels. This has a ripple effect and creates a strong and lasting effect

Best Practices and Policies

One of the biggest challenges for small to mid-sized companies is in the domain of human resources. They need better recruitment, selection, training, compensation and retention policies. While cost is a constraint, not all HR practices are heavy on the wallet. Sound Human Resource fundamentals and strategy are lacking due to the inability of hiring an experienced Head of Human Resources. We bridge this gap by providing a shared CHRO that can work with the existing HR team in building HR policies and bringing some of the best HR practices.

POSH External Member

As per the Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013, the Internal Complaints Committee must nominate an external member who is familiar with the issues relating to Sexual Harassment. Our Chief Executive has been a Presiding Officer of the Sexual Harassment Committee for over 5 years and has handled several cases of sexual harassment during her tenure.

Unfold Employee Wellbeing

The workplace is a significant part of an individual’s life, with most of us spending much of our waking life at work. Around 20-25% of adult life satisfaction can be accounted for by job satisfaction. And similarly, employee wellbeing is increasingly recognized as an essential component in achieving a healthy work life too. Research shows that employee wellbeing has an impact on productivity and performance at work too.

Online / Classroom programs for employees


Stress Management

  • Psychology of Flight & Fight
  • Stress Bucket
  • Coping with Stress: Time Management, Conflict Management
  • Mindfulness & Sleep



Emotion Regulation

  • How does the brain react to intense emotions
  • Psychological Distancing and self-coaching
  • ABC Model of rational thinking
  • Mindfulness


Building Resilience

  • Building resilience: Positivity, Meaning, social
  • Building positivity & optimism
  • Emotion Regulation
  • Self Belief



Mental Health awareness

  • What is Mental Wellbeing
  • Orientation on Mental Disorders: Depression & Anxiety
  • Importance of Sleep, Nutrition, Mindfulness
  • How can we help others showing symptoms


Practising Mindfulness

  • What is Mindfulness
  • Impact of Mindfulness on brain
  • Practising Mindfulness



The Science of Happiness

  • What is Happiness and its impact
  • Mindbugs: Misconceptions about happiness
  • Psychological immune system
  • Happiness Hacks

Learn about the Science of Happiness intervention here

EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Employee Assistance Programs are free counselling sessions provided by employers for their employees. This service ensures that the employees receive confidential and free of cost counselling services to tide over tough times. Following are the details:

  • Services over calls, chat and video conferencing
  • Counselling sessions with affiliated Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists where necessary.
  • Monthly/ Quarterly Reports on employee demographics of usage
  • Use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy in sessions